Village Medicine integrative energy work

Integrative Energy Work

This is what Natalie likes to call taking care of bizness, tending the inner territory so as to fully inhabit oneself, in wholeness. She's been studying and practicing energy healing and coaching since 2010, and along the way, modalities became subsumed by compassionate presence. 

This work is interactive, with active engagement on the part of the PMA Member.

~ Become radically self-responsible by learning to work with your energy, and gain command of your life
~ Witnessing and claiming shadow material liberates the Self and fuels creativity
~ Exploring and integrating aspects of identity brings multidimensional wholeness
~ Working in and through the body by attuning to your system, deeply listening and feeling for what is so, and applying the energetic tools being called for, allows embodied integration

Three main territories to tend show up as: 

~ Soul path, this includes other lives and energetic patterns that show up in every life
~ Lineage work, this includes healing backwards and forwards in a family line       
~ Inner parts work, this includes healing and integrating trauma from all stages of this life

A single session or a lifetime of sessions may touch on any or all of these territories.

Natalie has a particular adeptness at finding and unwinding what resides in the dan tien or womb — the living matrix of templates and imprints we carry that shape our lives. She often refers to this as womb clearing, it is very impactful and indicated in all kinds of situations that might compel one to do this work, including:

Family Dynamics

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An indicated homeopathic remedy or flower essence might also pop in.

Sessions are over the phone and last about 90 minutes.

Dropping in (1 session) - $150

Diving in (3 sessions) - $400

Walking the path (10 sessions) - $1111

Contact Natalie to schedule phone sessions: [email protected] or text 828-242-8218

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