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Homeopathy is a brilliant form of natural medicine utilized to gain and sustain vital, dynamic health. Not a static state, but an adaptable and resilient capacity to meet, engage with, and move through whatever may come our way. It supports the body to express and expel what may have been suppressed by conventional drugs and treatments, repressive attitudes, and trauma. Homeopathy is well known for supporting resolution of vaccine injury, as well as all kinds of emergency, acute, chronic and inherited conditions, and is an excellent adjunct to surgery, to support rapid healing. It is well aligned with pregnancy, birth, infants and children. It is truly gentle and powerful.

Science meets spirit in these vibrational remedies that interact with all the layers of the body - spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Homeopathy addresses the whole being and can resolve deeply held underlying psychological threads that may be connected with patterns of physical symptoms, effecting restoration for the entire system.
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Healing with this modality is built on relationships — between consultant and PMA Member, between thoughts, emotions and symptoms, and with the remedies themselves. Over the course of multiple consultations a picture of an individual is revealed that matches with pictures of remedies that will best support them to find their way to health and wholeness. Homeopathy seeks the root cause of patterns of imbalance, and addresses the healing process layer by layer. Healing can take time and homeopathy is a journey.

Natalie's many years of study and service with herbs, flower essences, energy healing and medicine work are meeting up with this incredibly deep, comprehensive pathway of healing. In 2022 Natalie graduated as a certified Homeopathy Consultant from The Matrona, School of Holistic Birth, Healing and Wisdom Keeping. The level of exchange offered reflects her level of experience and a desire for this medicine to be easily accessible to the members of Village Medicine.

Initial intake session - 90 minutes - $100 

Additional followups - 45 minutes or less - $50 

All sessions include one remedy if you come in person or pick up. Other options are to order them direct, or find them at your local health food store.

Additional remedies are $10 each. All remedies come as tiny sucrose pills in a tiny vial or envelope, or a liquid solution with alcohol in a dropper or spray bottle, to be determined based on circumstances.

Flower essences are available in stock or dosage strength - $10 each 

Herbal tinctures are available as well, 1oz $10, 2oz $15, 4oz $30

Contact Natalie to schedule consultations, in person or video call: [email protected] or text 828-242-8218
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