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Microneedling is a type of facial rejuvenation therapy. It stimulates collagen & elastin production, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, breaks up hyperpigmentation, diminishes scarring, tightens loose skin and helps serums/facial products to penetrate deep into the skin for maximum absorption. It is primarily used on the face and neck. Using a special sterile tip, the microneedling device penetrates to a depth of 0.25-2mm, depending on the surface area being addressed.

Typically it will take about 4-6 weeks to start seeing results as the upper layer of the skin will need to slough off before the impact at the deeper layer will surface. Microneedling should only be done once a month, though nanoneedling (finer needles that only go to a depth of 0.15mm) is safe to do weekly and may speed up the results of microneedling. The benefits of these sessions are cumulative and 6 sessions are recommended at a minimum before assessing any outcome.

Nanoneedling (using the same AcuMicro device but a different cartridge tip) is the only safe technique for under the eyes. It is ideal for clients over 65 years of age because keratinocytes (the most common type of skin cell) move to the surface as we age. Anyone that is too sensitive for microneedling will find nanoneedling completely gentle. It is indicated for dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Microneedling and nanoneedling are contraindicated in active acne, pregnancy, warts, skin infections, keloidal scars, with anticoagulants, and chemo/radiation.

At Village Medicine we use custom facial serums with microneedling/nanoneedling to maximize results. Redness is normal for 8-12 hours afterwards. It is necessary to take special precautions after microneedling to protect the skin. Sun exposure, exercise, hot showers and wearing makeup must be avoided for 24 hours. Download aftercare instructions here.

The equipment and serums (including apple/orange stem cells) used in this modality are considerably more expensive than traditional acupuncture needles. Additionally we strongly encourage a commitment of at least 6 sessions. For these reasons we have a unique pricing structure for this service (which applies to both microneedling and/or nanoneedling).

New member appointment: $200-250 (sliding scale)

Followup appointment: $150-200 (sliding scale)

Package of 6 appointments: $800 ($900 if first visit is new member)

New inquiries please call or text Jess at 828.423.4469
Established members are encouraged to book now through the online scheduling button:
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