Village Medicine ceremony


Taking integrative energy work to the next level, Natalie creates sacred alchemical containers to gather together, and be with what is. This is life in technicolor, an opportunity to witness oneself in the reflection of shared consciousness, and make adjustments that support wholeness. We laugh, cry, howl, struggle, surrender, find missing pieces, open our hearts, connect, let go, find our way, dance, play, embody and become evermore fully ourselves.

Common reasons to choose to participate include to:

Heal trauma
Explore The Mystery
Know oneself more deeply
Increase receptivity to pleasure
Connect with community
Learn energetic mastery
Receive guidance
Be inspired

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Utilizing a system of understanding core energetic patterns that underlie our soul paths supports this work, check it out here.

Ceremonies require a 30 minute alignment call.

Groups are held periodically when the spirit strikes, usually aligned with the wheel of the year. Some groups are for all people, some are for women only. Once you’re on the list you will receive an invitation when the next group is scheduled. Private and paired sessions are also available.

Contact Natalie for an alignment call: [email protected] or text 828-242-8218

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