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Esoteric Treatments

There are several esoteric acupuncture treatments derived from classical Chinese Medicine tradition that are particularly valuable for aligning with your soul purpose, clearing trauma, and/or working with past lives and future timelines. While Jess may offer these whenever it feels appropriate, folks are encouraged to inquire if there's resonance or simply curiosity.

The Three Treasures — This is a very simple treatment (4 needles) that aligns one with heaven & earth, facilitating connection to one's divine curriculum, and integrating that through the heart center (chakra). Generally recommended whenever there is an inner calling for this attunement. This treatment is done supine (lying face-up).

Extraordinary Vessels Treatment Series — There are 8 distinct Extraordinary Meridians and each has a unique set of points to work with the themes of each in treatment. These have to do with our soul work and are done over a few months as a series of treatments. Highly recommended in conjunction with or as a followup to Integrative Energy Work sessions with Natalie Rose Martin.

These can be an excellent resource to heal your relationship with yourself or another, in the present or across past/future timelines, or to release trauma, to cultivate fertility, and/or work with the level of our DNA/blueprint/divine curriculum. Medicinal stones and/or essential oils are often used with these treatments as they are working at the level of the Jing or essence.

Clearings of the 5 Element tradition — These can be done individually or as a series of three treatments. Recommended in series as a regular tune-up approximately once a year.

  • Internal Dragons — Indicated for emotional shocks or instability (eg. relationship break-ups, loss of a loved one, psychological depression or instability). This treatment is done supine (lying face-up).

  • External Dragons — Indicated for physical shocks or accidents (eg. car accidents, surgeries, electric shock, drug/alcohol abuse, exposure to extreme hot/cold climate, or negative "greeting" which is when someone feels influenced by malevolent spirits). This treatment is done prone (lying face-down).

  • Aggressive Energy Release — The etiology of an aggressive energy block can arise from both internal or external causes. While it is indicated after a severe emotional shock or serious illness, generally anyone may benefit from this treatment. In the 5 Element tradition this is often used as an initial treatment to clear blockages before attempting to balance constitutional patterns. It is a back treatment and most people prefer to lie face-down, though it can be done sitting up-right and leaning against the treatment table.
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